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We Are,

A group of management experts in hospitals in various specialties has gathered with more than thirty years of experience in hospitals and various medical bodies.

  • Our Target

    We strive to provide the best solutions for new medical facilities or those seeking to develop in a manner that qualifies them to better compete in the Egyptian medical market and thus achieve the best results.


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Administrative Services

Designing and supervising the implementation of the administrative structure of the facility

establishing and supervising the implementation of the medical staff

Establishing work protocols within the facility and organizing interaction between different departments

Obtaining the necessary licenses for the medical facility (Hospital - Laboratory - Clinics) and - Supervising the quality file and obtaining the permanent license

Financial Services

Designing the company's financial regulations and accounts tree, Conducting an analytical study that includes the basics (fixed assets - general accounts - accounts of customers and suppliers - stores and purchases - salary structure), Conducting an analytical study of the expenses required for the facility during a period of time, and Studying the expected revenue


Implementation of the appropriate price list for the facility in proportion to the size of the facility and the level of service provided and also in proportion to the geographical scope of the facility, Concluding contracts on behalf of the facility with various entities (health care companies - unions - petroleum companies - banks and private and public bodies), and Follow up on contracts and collections

Systems Management

Designing and supervising the implementation of the internal network of the facility, Providing consulting services regarding devices (servers - computers - internal telephones network - internal sound system - surveillance cameras - printers), Implementation of the link between the different systems (computer network - intercom system – sound system - CCTV - nursing call system)


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